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Smart Dome! Innovation and Design.
Integrated control of your home's environment.
Automatically connected, 24/360!

Would you like a home that is smart and self-reliant, that can tell you when it has a problem?
Powell Mechanical Inc., has the answer. We can create a Custom Automation System for your home, office or building. YOU can monitor and control the vital functions functions, via secure internet access.
You can control, for instance: temperature, lighting, and other comforts. Don't forget automatic video surveillance and message alerts in case of equipment failure, fire or water damage, or intruders.
This is an ideal solution for "snowbirds" or property managers, with many other possible applications.


Point your house to the south
and always look to the sun and wind as your friend !

Energy conservation is the by product of this installation.
Return on investment can be as short as two years.
Having peace of mind is priceless, and almost instantaneous.
security ! environmental ! controls ! custom !
back up power ! monotoring and control systems.

Our design Goals:
We wanted our Smart Dome, located 8300ft high in the Rockies, to be as energy efficient as possible. The shape and structure of a Dome Home is intrinsically more efficient than a traditional home. We installed In-floor Radiant Heat, powered by a 95%AFUE Water Heater, which also supplies our domestic water. We have a "Solar Slab" in our basement, which stores heat from the day and releases it at night. It also cools during hot weather. A "Passive Solar Greenhouse" on the main level functions similiarly to the Solar Slab. We use our Woodstove often, to save propane and provide ambient warmth. Much research went our Dome Home, which received a "5-star plus" rating from ENERGY STAR CO. With our completed Automation System, our Dome Home will be still more energy efficient.


Without the help from Greg Powell President of Enerlon Inc. Obtaining our goals would not be possible. With his help we have obtained total freedom. This picture was taken before he cut his hair.

Though home automation is not new, giving the homeowner the ability to monitor their own systems is a recent concept. This is especially helpful when the nearest Emergency Services are more than 45 minutes away, as is our case. The system can be pre-programmed to call and alert Fire or Police departments, Utilities or Repair Contractors, Family or neighbors.


Solar Slab components.

Start from the botom up.

When building, or renovating
remember !
Life is what you make it !
Make it the best !

Our company, Powell Mechanical Inc., has been an HVAC/R Contractor in the Pikes Peak region since 1995. Residential & Commercial services include: Installation and repair for all types of Heating equipment, Air Conditioning, Humidification, Air Purification, and Commercial Refrigeration. We are now offering iLon Interoperable Control Systems, in conjunction with Enerlon ( Enerlon From this site you can follow along, as we install and use our iLon Home Automation System.


Patti Best & Gary Powell, Powell Mechanical Inc.

Lets get down to the nitty gritty. FIRST STEP: Evaluate your home's needs! In our case we started with the basics.
Our home required not only a solar-wind battery back up for the security and lighting systems, but also the ability to open and close skylights, inner doors, dampers, etc. The ability to maximize the homes potential is enormous.


Barney, Smart Dome mascot.

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